Do you want to know if foodstate is right for you?


We offer you the opportunity to find out what nutrients suit you best. By booking a 30 minute telephone consultation with Dr. Jobst to discuss your health/nutritional needs we will put together a monthly nutrient schedule. If you are interested, please call Dr. Jobst’s PA, Lisa Fisher on 01432 818090 to book an appointment.

Dr. Jobst is the founder of Functional Shift Consulting and Nutritional Shift, he has been working with food state nutrients for the past two decades. He is a Physician with a passion for people. He is an Integrated Medicine specialist with certification in General Internal Medicine and Neurodegenerative Diseases and Dementia.

Nutrition is central to Dr. Jobst’s practice. It is essential for the body to function in harmony and its balance is easily disrupted by stress. The foods we eat and by the way we work, think, feel and live our lives.

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