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I am writing today to reach out to you and to offer some simple guidance.  We are all in this together. Amidst our confusion, fear and uncertainty, I hope that you will find at least some of what I share helpful.

What follows are some safe, non-toxic measures to support ourselves and our immune systems, which are, to the best of my knowledge, both clinically reasonable and effective. I write based on over 30 years of experience as a practicing integrative medicine physician, a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, a Medical Homoeopath, Scientist, and parent. What follows has not been endorsed by any other authority, except where referring to Government advice.


First and foremost, please know that maintaining our state of mind and inner equilibrium is at least as crucial to protecting our health and the health of those around us, as the actions we take physically. Regarding the latter the advice to isolate and ‘social-distance’ is critical. Please heed it. 

Above all please avoid succumbing to hysteria and fear.  The COVID-19 virus is highly contagious accessing the body through eyes, nose and mouth, but it is not very ‘strong’. It seems it can only replicate in the lungs. It appears not to survive long on its own, especially if exposed surfaces and clothes are properly cleaned. It doesn’t like heat and nor does it like clean, rested, antioxidant-rich, properly nourished people who keep their mental state alert, creative and hold on to their visions.

Gratitude, balanced perception and Hope affect our entire nervous system, bringing on-line our physiology and biochemistry, creating a “milieu interieur” optimally nurturing immunity and wellbeing, protecting us from unfavourable infectious agents! Right now fear and dread abound, so focusing on not just our physical but our mental and emotional health, especially if self-isolated or quarantined, can mean the difference between getting and/or overcoming infection, fostering a strong immune system, rapid recovery (as most will do), or bypassing it entirely. In this regard, perception, perspective and meaning really do matter.

The importance of taking external precautions in order to protect yourself, is critically underpinned by your long-term vision because it fuels your Will to survive and thrive. This is vital to understand because when your entire system ‘knows’ and integrates this, especially as groups of co-workers, family, friends and community, every cell in your body aligns in coherence supra-optimally. This is scientific fact and its impact on vitality is astonishing.   By taking care of yourself, right now, you will be helping not only all those you love and have responsibility for, but also all of humanity because we are all inextricably inter-connected.

Meanings Matter – they really, really do – they can make us or break us, they can uplift or depress us – they can worsen symptoms and they can help us heal.  This is the essence of my work.  My entire experience is at your service – If I can help, I will.

Earle G. Hall on Fear:
Clare Dubois on why now and how to respond:


Nutritional Supplementation:

I am suggesting that you use Food state nutritional supplements based on over 20 years of experience using them. Thanks to their unique structure which is the same structural form as found in freshly grown vegetables and fruit, they are better absorbed and assimilated than other supplements.  One might compare using food state to playing football with a full team against a team with only one player.  In helping overcome or avoid COVID-19, evidence is emerging that vitamin C, vitamin D and Zinc can make a difference to outcome.  Here is our link to purchasing the food state nutrients at You can of course add other supplements under guidance from your practitioner or by requesting help from us. We suggest the following as a safe minimum:

  1. Vitamin C: Please take at least 500mg (2 capsules/tabs) and preferably 1 gram daily
  2. Vitamin D: take 2000-4000iu (2 -4 capsules)
  3. Zinc with copper: take 15-30mg daily (1-2 capsules)
  4. Multivitamin and mineral or Women’s Health formula (Perfectly good for men and women if the multivitamin is out of stock) (1 – 2 daily)For children I recommend one of the Children’s formula daily

Diet and Nutrition:

There is a wealth of evidence that a healthy, vegetable-rich diet helps support and sustain the immune system to withstand infection: see the world’s largest science database for thousands of published studies:

At least every morning (again after lunch if you can), in a large mug of hot water, please take half a freshly squeezed lemon with a heaped teaspoon-full of fresh grated root ginger and a teaspoonful of honey to the taste you like it. Using Manuka honey of UMF grade greater than 21, is therapeutically optimal but raw organic honey (preferably local) is excellent too.

  • Make sure you are eating plenty of fresh green and root veggies, plenty of garlic, fresh parsley, fresh coriander, and seaweed, and only wild caught fish (oily fish)
  • NO Sugar other than raw organic honey (preferably Manuka), or Coconut sugar or Palmyra (see below)
  • NO artificial ingredients to the very best of your ability
  • Minimise dairy – preferably none – other than organic raw Goat or sheep cheese or milk 
  • Kefir will help your gut optimise function
  • Milks: preferably use almond, oat or coconut.  If you use diary then use organic.
  • Use plenty of turmeric, freshly ground black pepper, and chilli pepper in your cooking
  • If you can get it, you can use turmeric drinks. They are the strongest, purest organic formulations I have so far found and I use them myself daily. 
  • You can use their SugaVida Palmyra sugar alternative – it contains naturally occurring B vitamins and trace minerals and is delicious. If you wish to use these products, Kristina and Max whose company it is, have offered our patients and contacts a 10% discount using this code:  THESHIFT10

Tea Tree oil as an antiviral

Tea tree oil is a very can potent natural antiviral and antibiotic. Using a diffuser to ensure it is in your environment is an effective way to benefit from its therapeutic potential. Three drops or more in the diffuser or in an aromatherapy burner remarkably offers protection. You will find information about it here:

Tea tree oil is one of the strongest and most effective anti-viral and anti-microbials in nature.  It can also be used internally but only ever in very small doses and under guidance from a practitioner. Please see below to get support from us.


Controversial though it may be, I recommend and use Homoeopathy – it is safe and in my experience can be remarkably effective in helping with symptoms – whether it is preventive or not for COVID-19 we can not as yet know, but the fact that this advice has been endorsed and given to the entire nation of India by the Indian Government is salutary:

The Faculty of Homoeopathy advice is sanguine:

To ward off the disease, my suggestion is to take Homoeopathic Arsenicum album 30C or 200C twice a day for three days and then one dose weekly if needed.
If symptoms arise then I add Rhus tox 30C or 200C to be taken with the Arsenicum album twice daily.
If there are full blown symptoms, I recommend using Influenzinum 30C twice daily for a week.

The Faculty of Homoeopathy recommendations of Gelsemium and Bryonia arise from their experience. They fully support the Indian Government’s recommendations.

We can readily order the homoeopathic remedies for you, if you email with your contact details and requirement – thus far our supplier, based in Glasgow, the only certified homoeopathic pharmacy in the UK, are currently still maintaining a first class service for us. If symptoms arise seeking professional advice is wise.  I am fully available to consult for individualised prescriptions.

Consultations on-line and on the telephone:

We are here to consult as always, on both telephone and skype, doing what I love which is to help people find meaning in whatever is taking place in their lives, to heal physical, mental and spiritual challenges, using The Demartini methodTM and a host of other strategies. Please call Lisa on 01432 818090 or email us at to organise appointments.  A 30-minute consultation can make all the difference.

It is absolutely vital to take note of the official government and NHS guidelines and TO STAY IN. We cannot stress strongly enough that these measures are of the utmost importance and everyone is advised to follow them. They are vital both for our own health, and also for everyone else’s.

Finally, I wish to add a personal note. Those of you who know me will know that my life and my life’s work are is all about meaning. My research has shown me that all symptoms have meaning unique to each person. Furthermore, this fact is not confined to the field of medicine. What I have come to call Diseases of Meaning, go way beyond bio-molecular medicine and extend into every aspect of our lives. We see it in the debate about climate change but also globally in industrial, political, educational and spiritual realms. This COVID pandemic is no different, emerging as it does at a time when, in my opinion, our very existence is more in question than ever before. And yet, it also brings phenomenal opportunity, something that can be hard to see at first. But when we do see, everything changes, especially our immunity. I believe that this is about the very nature of our existence and the structure, function and purpose of our lives individually and as a species. I believe that we will emerge with so much more to live for. For that to be possible we must use our unique power to evolve as a species – our consciousness.  And so, I share here a link that powerfully reflects my own perspective:

On Shared Responsibility:

With Hope, Inspiration, Gratitude and with Love to you and for you

Dr. Kim A. Jobst MA DM FRCP MFHom 
Consultant Physician and Medical Homoeopath

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