Our Nutritional Shift foodstate re-natured nutrients are grown in a unique way that enables the different elements to combine with their natural essential co-factors. Co-factors are molecules which enable our body chemistry to function properly. Our foodstate nutrients have exactly the same structure as that found in living foods. As a result they are significantly easier for body to use when compared with standard pharmaceutical grade nutrients which are hard for the body to recognise because they are made as chemical salts. This is shown in the graph below derived from scientific studies comparing different sources of nutrition.

Why is this important?

All food can be described as either living, dormant or dead.

It is important to remember that we have evolved over millions of years specifically to recognise and absorb food and nutrients in the food-state – that is, in exactly the same form in which nutrition is found in living and dormant foods.

Living foods are alive and fresh. They come from plants or animals – for example, salads, fresh vegetables and fruits (your five-a-day!), fresh fish, meat and poultry (preferably organic).  

Dormant foods become active once they have been eaten and digested. Examples are grains, pulses and seeds.

Dead foods have been processed and are difficult to absorb and digest. Much of what is on sale today has been processed and is low in nutritional value. We believe this is, in part, the reason that so many people needlessly suffer with chronic diseases and ill-health.

When nutrients are in the food state, their structures are said to have fully-satisfied chemical bonding. Foodstate nutrient supplements, such as those that we sell, are all in this fully-satisfied bonded state, and therefore provide us with the most accessible and high quality nutritious food.

More of
the science

All living things have a unique bio-electromagnetic fingerprint. As such they have measurable electromagnetic fields and specific frequencies. These frequencies are essential for Optimal health and well-being, i.e. optimal physical, emotional and mental performance, as well as spiritual well-being.

It is for this reason that it is vital that we make sure that our diets contain as much high quality living and dormant foods as possible so that we can enjoy greater vitality and health. Eating more bio-available nutrients enables our bodies to live, function and perform better. This means being better prepared to handle the stresses we meet every day.

These include chemicals, electromagnetic fields (wifi, cell phones, computers), air pollution, as well as physical, mental and emotional factors.

These stressors can lead to a build-up of toxins in the body, which have been clearly shown to weaken the immune system and our resilience – in other words our ability to recover and bounce back when stressed or ill. These nutrients are absolutely essential for our bodies to process and remove these toxins. If we do not eliminate them effectively, they build up and harm our cells throughout the body, especially the immune system. They can also negatively affect our mood and behaviour, creating an environment of dis-ease. This can show itself as tiredness and brain fog, chronic fatigue, arthritis, all kinds of problems with digestion, skin conditions, breathing difficulties, sleep disturbance and problems with mood and energy levels. In today’s age and environment diet alone is not enough. We all need to support ourselves with be best nutrients to be able to be at our best.