the team

Nutritional Shift is looked after and managed by a vibrant team of professionals who have been supporting, advising and helping people like you for over 35 years. Together we have a combined lifetime experience of well over a century!

The team is led by Dr. Kim A. Jobst MA. DM. FRCP. MFHom. 

Dr. Kim Jobst is an Integrated Health Physician with a passion for people, science and healing who has been in clinical practice for over 35 years.  He has been working with foodstate supplements for over 20 years and has seen the remarkable benefits of taking these unique nutrients in his clinical work.

Nutrition is central to Dr. Jobst’s practice.  Why? Because nutrition is essential for body, mind and spirit to function in harmony and to deal with all kinds of stress. Our physical, mental and spiritual balance is so easily disrupted by stress. Stress arises from the ways in which we work, think, feel, relate to one another and live our lives, as well as from our environment and the foods we eat.  Most importantly, stress is a direct result of the meaning we give to what is happening in our lives and in our selves. Working with meaning is the cornerstone of Dr. Jobst’s practice. 

Dr. Jobst is the founder of both Functional Shift Consulting Ltd and Nutritional Shift Ltd. He is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for services to Integrative Medicine, presented to him by Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 2013 and awarded by The Soukya Foundation in India. He has specialist qualifications in General Internal Medicine, Neurodegeneration and Dementia, Homoeopathic Medicine which he uses in his practice and has trained in traditional Chinese acupunture, Jungian analytical psychology and The Demartini MethodTM.

Lisa Fisher is Dr. Jobst’s PA and Clinic Manager.  Lisa oversees all aspects of the clinic administration as well as the e-commerce site for Nutritional Shift. She joined Dr. Jobst and his team in 2012 whilst living in Hereford.  She has an HND in Business & Finance and years of experience in production, management, marketing and the customer service industry both in London and around the UK. She enjoys nothing more than helping people to make the most of their lives and solving their health and well-being challenges.

Since 2014 Lisa has run the international office working remotely from the North East of Scotland where she lives with her husband, two teenage daughters and her beloved dog.  She is a keen enthusiast for healthy living and thrives on exercise, regularly running 5K, 10K & half marathons.   

Mr. Eric Llewellyn and Dr. Jobst have worked closely together for over 20 years. Dr. Jobst considers Eric to be the father of foodstate in the UK, Europe, Africa and the Far East. Eric’s work has influenced the lives of millions of people globally. He discovered foodstate in the late 1970s, scouring the globe for nutrients that would support chronically and terminally ill patients. Unhappy with the limited effectiveness  of chemical vitamins and minerals, he found his answer in the Grow Company in the USA.

Over the past 40 years, Eric has earned a distinguished reputation for establishing high standards within the food supplement industry, working with the Grow Company to create and supply his unique formulas for patients, healthcare practitioners, and Olympic medallists globally. These nutrients have been scientifically proven to out-perform their chemical counterparts because the body is so much better able to absorb and assimilate them.