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  • A Message from Dr Kim Jobst
  • I am writing today to reach out to you and to offer some simple guidance.  We are all in this together. Amidst our confusion, fear and uncertainty, I hope that you will find at least some of what I share helpful. What follows are some safe, non-toxic measures to support ourselves and our immune systems, […]

  • Enoceride Supplement
  • We are pleased to announce we are now stocking this fantastic beauty supplement providing nutrients such as antioxidants, specific fish protein and fish oils that play a vital role in maintaining good skin, hair and nails. Enoceride also features extracts of a marine origin that contribute to the body’s supply of collagen and elastin.

  • New Year New You
  • https://mailchi.mp/4dc5cffbd885/new-year-new-you

  • Mental Health Awareness Offer
  • Mental Health Awareness Offer

  • Organic food consumption and cancer risk.
  • Proof that eating Organic reduces the risk of Cancer. Organic Food Consumption & Cancer Risk – Baudry 2018