NUTRITIONAL SHIFT is about supporting you to improve your  total health - in Mind, in Body, and in Spirit.

Andrew Szalay founded Grow Company, Inc. in 1977. Andrew is a pharmacist, who received his degree in 1946 from Szeged University in Hungary, where the renowned Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi conducted his research leading to the discovery of vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), and thereby, initiating Andy’s nutritional ideologies.

After learning about the preventative superiority of natural nutrients, and due to his interest in the welfare of people, Andy set out to create a line of nutrients that emulated natural food. In 1956, he moved to the United States and for the next twenty years his research included the areas of nutrition, botanical extracts, the study of medicinal plants, and herbs.

In 1977, Andy’s lifelong dream was  achieved by producing nutritional supplements with the composition of natural food. He  realised success by integrating vitamins and minerals into a glycoprotein matrix of proteins, complex carbohydrates, lipids, bioflavonoids, and dietary fibre. He developed a new line of extraordinary food nutrients,’Food State’ arguably the most important breakthrough in nutritional science.

Nutritional Shift only offers products that we’ve spent time and care studying, formulating, and choosing so that you may achieve Optimal Health and Performance in your life.


We are dedicated to bringing to you Nutrients in the FOOD-STATE because research has shown that it is only in the Food-state that you can digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients maximally.

All living things exist as bio-electromagnetic entities. As such they have measurable electromagnetic fields and specific frequencies. Optimal health and well-being, optimal physical and mental performance depends on being able to resonate and perform with certain frequencies.  All this can be shown with all kinds of scientific technologies.  That is why taking nutrients in the food-state is so important because in being in the food-state, exactly as raw food is found, they can carry and resonate with those frequencies more powerfully, more harmoniously and more effectively.

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Only by taking nutrients in the Food-state will you truly nourish Body and Mind as one entity.