What is Foodstate?

The answer is simple – we need properly nutritious food to do more than survive and to have happy, healthy and vibrant lives.

All food can be described as either living, dormant or dead. Living foods are alive and fresh. They come from plants or animals – e.g salads, fresh vegetables and fruits (your five a day!), fresh fish, meat and poultry.  Dormant foods become active once they have been eaten and digested such as grains, pulses and seeds. Dead foods have been processed and are difficult to absorb and digest. Much of what is purchased today has been processed and we believe is very low in nutritional value and is in part the reason that so many people suffer with chronic diseases and ill health.

It is important to remember that we have spent millions of years evolving to recognise and absorb food in the foodstate – in other words the form that it is found in living and dormant foods.  When nutrients are in this state their structures are said to have fully satisfied chemical bonding. Foodstate nutrient supplements, such as those provided by Nutritional Shift, are all in this fully satisfied bonded state and therefore provide us with the most accessible and nutritious food.

All living things exist as bio-electromagnetic entities. As such they have measurable electromagnetic fields and specific frequencies. Optimal health and well-being, optimal physical and mental performance depends on being able to resonate and perform with certain frequencies.

All this can be shown with all kinds of scientific technologies.That is why taking nutrients in the food-state is so important because in being in the food-state, exactly as raw food is found, they can carry and resonate with those frequencies more powerfully, more harmoniously and more effectively.

Standard pharmaceutical grade nutrients, such as you find in high-street health chains, are hard for the body to recognize, absorb and assimilate, because they are not in the form in which they occur in living foods.

Food-state preparations are grown and produced in living materials and are therefore seen and processed by the body as food.  They are absorbed and assimilated far more efficiently and completely, are free of any side-effects and nourish the body like food.

These preparations are a simple way for us to correct the deficiencies in our foods which result from agricultural practices affecting the soils in which they are grown.  And because food-state nutrients contain all the necessary minerals, co-enzymes and co-factors the body needs to process and excrete toxic chemicals from the environment, they are also an excellent way to enable the body to cleanse itself.

We specialise in a unique form of nutrition: Food-state.

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